About Us

Seattle Asian Moms is a local social Asian mom group in the Seattle greater area. Our purpose is for socialization, resource-sharing, finding playdates, forming play pods, and to support each other through motherhood. SAM is a women’s only, Asian mom social group.

Founded in July 2021 by a stay-at-home mom of a 2 year old toddler in a pandemic, the group aims to be a space for local Asian moms to share cultural resources and befriend each other. Our community of 450+ strong gather to share and find resources, events, play dates, form play pods, and have a bunch of fun getting to know each other.


While we understand that dads need a community too, our group was was created so that moms could feel comfortable discussing mom-specific experiences that include breastfeeding, women’s health, pregnancy, and other women’s related issues.We welcome all Asian-identifying moms from all backgrounds. Traditional, queer, young, old, moms raising mixed Asian kids, and mixed-race Asian moms regardless of religion and country of origin.


SAM is a local group. You should be in the Seattle Greater Area, about to be in the area, or visit often enough to be part of the SAM community. The admin and mods may invite moms who are not local if their presence benefit the community. Guests may include people who offer cultural value resources and products that our community finds helpful.


We are a local Asian mom affinity group. On a case-by-case basis, and if it’s a good fit, we may circumstantially include unsupported moms from other cultures raising Asian kids. Note though that our community is an Asian space, and as such moms from other cultures need to respect that. Currently, we are 99% moms of Asian-descent, and 1% non-Asian moms raising Asian children. As we keep growing, our focal point won’t be on how ethnic we are, but that we are a community of predominantly Asian moms with a common cultural connection that need a culturally-relevant community, and resources to raise our children best.We also just want to find friends that get us, find friends for our littles, and be ourselves without fear of judgement. This is a space to be your Asian selves, and also a kind environment for those raising Asian kids.Jackie, Founder of SAM